A few months ago, I bought a Printrbot Simple 2014 3d printer. It has been a ton of fun to print mostly useless things out of plastic. There is a fantastic open source community in the 3d printing world, and I quickly found models that I could print to improve features of my printer. Here is a list of the upgrades I have printed for my Printrbot Simple 2014.

X and Y Axes GT2 Belt Upgrades

Y-Axis Upgrade | X-Axis Upgrade | X-Axis Upgrade, take 2

The standard Printrbot Simple comes with a sandpaper pulley and fishing line system to move the X and Y axes. This was working for me, but I decided to do some upgrades that allowed the X and Y axes to be belt driven instead. This would improve precision and longevity of the printer.

XL Aluminum Print Bed

This larger print bed gives me more room to print! I had to buy larger x-axis smooth rods to accommodate the larger sheet of aluminum.

Z-Axis Auto-Leveling Probe

First mount | Current mount

This induction sensor measures the bed in three places before every print, and uses the values to adjust the z-axis on the fly throughout the print. This means I don’t have to very carefully level the bed before every single print! It really makes life a lot easier, and gives much better results. I have gone through a couple of different mounts for the probe.


Taken from this Thing

These legs use existing screw holes to mount to the back of the printer, and improve the stability of the printer, something I needed when I installed the larger print bed.